The Luckiest Intern in the World

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Women in High Gear Book SigningAs the current intern working for the Deeter Gallaher Group, I have truly been given the opportunity of a lifetime. Twenty four years old and just recently graduated from my dietetic internship program. I must admit that if you had asked me a year ago, I would never have imagined that I would be working in a PR/marketing/social media firm.

My field, after all, is nutrition and dietetics. However, a desire to someday own my own private practice led me to think outside of the box and reach out to Anne Deeter Gallaher–an idea for which I am now patting myself on the back. I could not have asked for a better place to learn the ins and outs of business, marketing, and the power of social media.

Anne Deeter Gallaher is quite a remarkable woman. Having grown up in the same neighborhood as the Gallaher family, I have been lucky enough to know Anne for years; and until recently, observed from afar as her self-started company, the Deeter Gallaher Group, quickly became more and more successful, attracting the attention of many business advocacy groups, local news outlets, and thousands of social media followers. So, when I realized that I needed some business and marketing experience, I knew who was at the top of my list to ask.

During my time with the Deeter Gallaher Group, I have had the opportunity to help Anne market her new book, Women in High Gear, co-authored with Amy D. Howell. This included accompanying her to a Harrisburg Business Women meeting where she spoke to an incredible group of go-getter women, sharing her own inspiring story. I was able to capture a lot of her speech on video, and have since shared it on the WiHG YouTube channel so that anyone can watch and benefit from her story.

If you want proof of Anne’s social media influence, look no further than the brilliant and creative introduction delivered by Kathy Snavely, entrepreneur and member of Harrisburg Business Women. Kathy introduced Anne “by the numbers” and demonstrated her vast social reach.

Anne shared a story on what began as a Twitter connection soon blossomed into a real-life friendship with her co-author, Amy D. Howell, of Howell Marketing Strategies. Before long, these two brilliant business minds realized that they had a wealth of experience to share with the next generation of business-minded women (and men). Thus, the idea for Women in High Gear began to take root. Watch the evolution of their journey to publication here:

Toward the end of the meeting, Anne spoke directly to my generation, to the twenty somethings and thirty somethings that are just beginning their high gear journeys. She also shares her advice for on-ramping, a term describing re-entering the workforce after off-ramping for professional development, caregiving, or raising children.

To anyone who has big dreams but also big doubts, I encourage you to not only watch these videos, but to read Women in High Gear. Speaking for my own, fresh-out-of-college generation, jumping into the real world is scary, and the prospect of starting your own business is even scarier. However, in the words of a young entrepreneur from the Harrisburg Business Women, What’s the worst that could happen? You fail. So what? You pick yourself back up and you keep going. I have to admit that the prospect of failing still terrifies me, but to borrow some wisdom from Women in High Gear, “If you don’t fail sometimes, you don’t learn.”

This book is filled with tried-and-tested advice from two women who did not let doubts and worries hold them back. Anne and Amy share their triumphs and their setbacks as they persevered to achieve what they have today.
They know you are hesitant. They know you are worried. They know that the very thought of leaving the known, safe, and secure makes you uncomfortable. With ingenuity, honesty, a little humor, and a lot of class, Anne and Amy will guide you forward. They will inspire you to push yourself. After all, “Getting uncomfortable is the best thing you can do to reach your next high gear.”

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