T. Michael Glenn“Women in High Gear is a terrific book for women seeking career advancement.  I recommend the book to anyone who wants to better understand how to leverage the power of today’s ever-increasing diverse workplace.”

– T. Michael Glenn, Executive Vice President, Market Development and Corporate Communications, FedEx Corp

Philip H. Trenary“This book is for anyone wanting to soar to higher goals in business. It is a refreshing departure from other how-to books and full of good stories to get you there.”

– Philip H. Trenary, Former CEO, Pinnacle Airlines Corporation

Keely Heany - Women in High Gear Reviews“I can’t remember the last time I read a book with pen in hand, but I am underlining great passages, quotes, and advice left and right. Just loving this easy yet very useful read!”

– Keely Childers Heany, Editor in Chief and Associate Publisher, Susquehanna Style

Kaitlin Sawyer“Women in High Gear speaks to the 20-something personally and professionally without the undertones of a lecturing parent or mentor. Exploring the C-suite opportunities for females, Anne and Amy prove that nothing is unattainable for the focus-driven woman with hard work, practice development, and a little of life’s elbow grease. Women in High Gear is the modern guide to overcoming obstacles and achieving success without breaking a sweat–and doing it all in 4-inch heels. Anne and Amy have hit a homerun!”

– Kaitlin Sawyer, Public Relations/Marketing Professional, Hawaii

Kathleen Pavelko“Women in High Gear is proof of the power of story-telling at which Anne Deeter Gallaher and Amy D. Howell excel. They turn their hard-won personal and professional experiences into illuminating and engaging examples for others to follow. Early and mid-career professionals will find High Gear immediately useful, but even seasoned executives (like me) will see in Amy and Anne’s experiences new approaches to today’s challenges.”

– Kathleen A. Pavelko, President/CEO of public media organization WITF, Harrisburg, PA

Mark W. Schaefer“In a business world steeped in too much self-help blather, Amy and Anne stand up for accountability, distinctiveness, mental toughness, responsibility, hard work, compassion, and appropriate compromise–the values that forge great leaders. This book is inspiring, true, and even better — entertaining!”

– Mark W. Schaefer, college educator, entrepreneur, international speaker, and author of Return On Influence, The Tao of Twitter, and Born to Blog

“The collective 40-plus years of High Gear expertise that the wonder duo of Anne & Amy pack into this book is unmatched. Inspiring and educational, this book is brimming with proof of how modern-day women can navigate their way to the C-suite and become admired business-leaders. Integrating the fresh world of social media intoSusan Ewing their marketing mix has allowed these two treasures to become worldwide marketing resources, and has given them the attention they so rightly deserve. Reading about how these ladies have overcome the hurdles of owning their own companies, parenthood, and glass ceilings provides valuable insight into how independent, driven women can dominate the professional business landscape.”

– Susan R. Ewing, Director of Social & Digital Media, Hershey Harrisburg Regional Visitors Bureau

Elyse Bolterstein, Post-Doctoral Fellow and Instructor, Tufts University“All 13 chapters of Women in High Gear contain two parts, each in the voice of Ms. Deeter Gallaher or Ms. Howell. Readers gain advice from a wide and diverse breadth of stories and experiences from both authors. This dual author format greatly enhances relatability and supports the authors’ claims that the definition of “high gear” is different for everyone. The authors deliver practical advice and don’t beat around the bush in doing so.” Read the full review.
Elyse Bolterstein, Post-Doctoral Fellow and Instructor, Tufts University