Susquehanna Style Reviews Women in High Gear


By Keely Childers Heany
“Women in High Gear: A guide for entrepreneurs, on-rampers and aspiring executives,” co-authored by social media, PR and marketing maven, Anne Deeter Gallaher of the Deeter Gallaher Group in Mechanicsburg, is a quick read full of highlighter-worthy advice for women at any stage in their career. She and co-author, Amy Howell, take nuggets from CEOs of big businesses like FedEx and Ford and turn them into real life examples, principles and words to work by. “Women in high gear don’t keep score, but they do know that helping people reach their goals comes full circle. [It’s about] the ability and knowledge to connect the dots. Women in high gear are committed to self improvement and eager for the next opportunity.” Amy and Anne also divulge nine tips for developing “emotional resilience” whether you’re 20-something and need to learn when to hold your tongue, a 30-something who needs to get over not being liked, or 40-something and ready to coach others into high gear. More advice includes “rebounding from roadblocks” and “10 tips to shift into high gear.”
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