Birth of Women in High Gear

women-in-high-gear-on-nasdaq-boardSometimes in life you are lucky enough to meet a kindred spirit who shares an enthusiasm, passion, and power of positivity that is contagious. Amy and I joke about our North-South connection but our serendipitous meeting on Twitter in 2009 has led to many in-real-life connections and even projects together. It has changed our businesses and the company we keep.

On a train ride from New York City to Harrisburg, we realized that we had a lot of stories to share and we believed our experiences could benefit others, particularly women, who were anxious to learn how to reach high gear.

Thanks to Mark Ragan, CEO of Ragan Communications, for inviting us to attend his Social Media Conference at NASDAQ that day, and ultimately ringing the closing bell at the markets on April 8, 2011.

On the AMTRAK train, we framed the content for this book and our challenge has been to limit it to 13 chapters. We hope you find our experiences helpful and valuable as you chart your journey to high gear. Keep going, make your mark, and be the best you can be!